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Therapeutic Philosophy:
The 3 C’s

  • ✓  Clarity
  • ✓  Change
  • ✓  Comfort                        

About ELA Psychological and Counseling Services

E. L. A. Psychological and Counseling Services offers a variety of clinical services that supports those facing mental health issues or challenges impacting their life. Clinical services are for children and young adults (ages 6 to 23). Psychoeducational services are also available for mature young adults, adults, parents, community organizations and business institutions in the form of workshops and presentations.

Through therapy, the goal is for individuals to better understand themselves by identifying strengths while also becoming comfortable with their shortcomings. This is done by helping clients talk through their challenges and discover healthy ways to address and overcome them. This is further achieved through listening to presenting concerns without judgement and supporting clients so that they grow from their challenges, recover from their pain and move forward with a better quality of life.


The Logo consists of the mind and a plant. The mind is where many of our barriers rest and creates challenges for optimal functioning. The plant represents a wholisitc approach and the idea of growth. My aim is to help clients better  manage their mental health wholisitcially and achieve growth. 

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Therapeutic Philosophy: The 3 C’s

I believe that growth can be achieved through the 3 C’s which include clarity, change and comfort. Clarity helps us to better understand ourselves and how our cognitions, behaviors and emotions are impacting our daily activities. Change comes about once we have that clarity to then make healthy and positive modifications to improve those cognitions, behaviors and emotions. Comfort is usually what we are all searching for in our actions, relationships and ideas. Comfort is very important so that individuals can follow through with these new changes that may be initially uncomfortable, but with time, can become more easier to perform as daily personal practices and coping skills.

E. L. A. Psychological and Counseling Services