Mom's Quotes

These are some wise words from my amazing mom. Be inspired!

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11 July 2019

We often say "I'll never have to do such a thing" time takes us on...we often change our minds, hopefully for the better, for ourselves and those around us.

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4 March 2019

“The sun gives us warmth and nurtures the earth…but if you view it from the wrong angle, it can blind you. Have fun, but think twice and always make it a great life.”

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29 February 2019

“Attack, attack, attack! Enough is never enough…good isn’t always good enough either. Always put your best foot forward! Go into the day focusing to make it the best day ever!!”

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17 November 2018

“The world is going to deliver enough heartache...such is life, no way to control it. BUT you can control the individuals you let into your circle who always deliver nothing but bad news. Find those that bring good news to you and keep them in your circle.”

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